Tax Resolution Services: 7 Ways a Tax Professional Can Help

Find out how a tax relief company can help you forge a path to financial freedom

If you owe the IRS more than $10,000, you have options to reduce your tax debt, stop wage garnishment, and prevent a tax lien or levy. A tax resolution firm can help.

With years of experience and relationships with the IRS, tax resolution experts can negotiate an arrangement that works best for you and your financial situation. Reduce the stress surrounding your tax situation and move toward a better financial future.

The tax experts at Alleviate Tax offer a variety of services to help you with your federal tax debt.

Stop a Tax Lien or Levy

When you receive Notice CP504, Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing, you may have as little as 30 days to pay your past due taxes or come to an arrangement with the IRS before the agency begins to seize your assets. It’s best to contact the IRS immediately to make a payment arrangement if you can’t pay the full amount.

You can also request a hearing to dispute your tax debt if you think the amount is an error or you already paid the bill. Filing a request for a hearing or negotiating a payment plan with the IRS can be complicated. Alleviate Tax can help you before it’s too late.

Our tax professionals can also help you get the IRS to release your levy. Even if your property or wages have already been released to the IRS, it’s possible to have your property returned. It’s best to have experts on your side to improve the odds that the IRS will grant your request.

End Wage Garnishments

The IRS has a right to levy, or seize, your income directly from your paycheck. This is called wage garnishment. Unlike private debt collectors, who can only garnish a small percentage of your disposable income, the IRS can garnish up to 70% of your gross income.

Alleviate Tax can help stop wage garnishment through a variety of tax relief programs. You just need to get started by reaching out for help.

Negotiate an Offer in Compromise

An offer-in-compromise, formerly Fresh Start, is one program the IRS has available to help people pay off their tax debt. When you file for an offer-in-compromise, you need to provide financial documents and written proof that you can only afford to pay a portion of your tax debt, now or in the future.

If your offer equals what the IRS believes it could reasonably collect before the statute of limitations runs out, the agency might accept your offer.

They may also accept your offer if you can show there’s an error in the calculations; this is called “doubt as to liability.”

Finally, your OIC might be accepted under the rules of “effective tax administration.” This means you can show the IRS the paying your tax debt would cause undue financial hardship to yourself and loved ones.

File an Installment Agreement

While only 36% of taxpayers qualify for an OIC, the vast majority qualify for an installment agreement or a partial pay installment agreement. A payment plan with the IRS gives you more time to pay.

If you have less than $10,000 in federal tax debt and can pay it off in 120 days or less, you can file for a short-term payment plan. You can make multiple payments or pay in one lump sum at the end of 120 days.

A payment plan will stop collections action, including a tax lien or levy. Penalties and interest will continue to accrue, and the IRS reflects that amount in your final payment. There are no pre-payment penalties.

Under an installment agreement, you can pay any tax debt under $50,000 in equal monthly payments for 72 months.

If you qualify for a partial pay installment agreement, the IRS will forgive any debt you owe after the statute of limitations runs out. It can be tricky to file for an installment agreement, especially if you owe more than $25,000. A tax resolution business like Alleviate Tax, with professionals who are familiar with tax laws, can help.

Request Penalty Abatement

Every month you fail to pay your taxes, penalties continue to accrue. The IRS recently offered automatic penalty abatement to taxpayers who owed money on their 2020 and 2021 tax returns but didn’t receive any reminder notices.

But you can file for penalty abatement for years before or after that, as long as it is your first time failing to file or failing to pay your tax bill on time. Applying for penalty abatement can be time consuming.

Alleviate Tax has saved our clients more than $10.4 million in penalty abatement since 2018 and our tax resolution associates are here to help you, too.

Reduce Your Tax Liability for the Future

Paying off your tax debt now can put you on the road to financial freedom. But it can be disheartening to pay your tax bill only to know there’s another one right around the corner.

Look for a tax resolution services company who also offers tax preparation services. Alleviate Tax may be able to reduce your existing tax debt by helping you find additional, legal deductions and filing an amended tax return.

We can also help you get up-to-date on tax filings. The IRS will only consider an offer-in-compromise or other tax debt relief solutions if you are in compliance.

Finally, we can help you create a plan to reduce your tax liability moving forward. We can help you adjust your withholdings or make quarterly estimated payments so that your time spent struggling with tax debt will become a distant memory.

Get Your Free Consultation Now

Get started today. Results vary based on your income, deductions and how much you owe. That’s why we start every call with a free consultation to see if we can help.


What is a tax resolution?

Tax resolution is a process that can substantially reduce or eliminate your tax debt using a variety of programs available through the IRS today.

What do tax resolution companies charge?

Rates for hiring a tax resolution company vary. Some collect an upfront fee and an hourly rate, while others charge a percentage of the money they saved you through their tax resolution services. Look for a company that provides a free consultation so you can find a tax debt relief firm that understands your situation and has the tools and resources to help.

Do tax resolution companies work?

A reputable tax resolution company with positive customer reviews and Better Business Bureau accreditation can help you settle your federal IRS tax debt for less than what you owe. Tax debt relief firms save their customers millions of dollars annually through approved programs like offer-in-compromise, installment agreements, and penalty abatements.

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