Frequently Asked Questions

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You can’t solve a problem you don’t know entirely. Neither can we. Phase 1 is absolutely necessary to find out the extent of your problems with the IRS. This includes a comprehensive, thorough, and detailed review of your situation, how many years you haven’t filed (if any), and your total tax obligation. This process alone can take an experienced tax professional many hours to complete. After we know all of your tax history and your options, we can present solutions for resolution (phase 2).
No, there is one flat fee for “phase 1 investigation,” and one flat fee for “phase 2 resolution.”
Absolutely not. After phase 1, you will know exactly what you owe, why, and your options to resolve your tax debt for as little as possible. You are under no obligation to continue; however, the tax debt will not go away on its own and will grow with further interest, penalties, and late fees, unless you do something to resolve it.
You can; unfortunately, many people choose to live like this. Sadly, the debt will continue to grow; you will continue to accrue interest, late fees and penalties, all the while living in stress and fear that the IRS may one day garnish your wages and assets as part of their collection efforts.
Absolutely! We tell all of our clients: there is almost nothing we do for you that you cannot do for yourself! Filing simple taxes are challenging enough for most people. Most people choose to use a tax professional because of how complicated filing taxes can become. Add to that the fact that tax debt is usually more complicated because of things such as unfiled years, penalties, and possible IRS intention to garnish wages and/or use bank levies to seize your bank account and/or assets. Not to mention that you can spend 45 minutes or longer just waiting to speak to a representative at the IRS.