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How it Works

How It Works


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A free consultation with one of our professionals who can guide you through the complicated world of the IRS.


Phase 1 Investigation : 1-2 Weeks

Enrollment in this phase guarantees a dedicated tax professional will investigate your status with the IRS and present you with a thorough, complete, and accurate report & analysis of your tax issues with the IRS. This report will include a comprehensive review including your options, based on eligibility, for any one of many opportunities to get you in compliance and have your tax debt resolved.


Phase 2 Active Resolution : 2-10 Months (depending on your circumstances)

Based on which program(s) you qualify for, this is the part where we actively get your taxes in compliance with the IRS and help to achieve the lowest possible resolution for you.



You are compliant, and your case has been resolved! Breathe!