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If you're a taxpayer with accumulated penalties and fees, then we can help you eliminate those charges with penalty abatement.


Penalty Abatement

If you haven’t paid your taxes or filed your tax returns in years, you may have accrued significant penalties and interest in addition to your original tax debt. Alleviate Tax can often get these costly penalties and interest charges removed through a process called penalty abatement.

If this is your first time dealing with tax debts that have resulted in fees, interest, and penalties, the First Time Penalty Abatement Waiver is a form of tax relief the IRS offers to certain qualifying taxpayers who’ve incurred penalties for failing to file, failing to pay, or failing to deposit. This is a good-will policy designed by the IRS to reward a good compliance history, as well as deter taxpayers from making the same mistakes again.

Both individual taxpayers and businesses are eligible to request a First Time Penalty Abatement (FTPA) Waiver, which is when the IRS waives penalties incurred from failure to file, failure to pay, or failure to deposit. However, the FTPA waiver doesn’t apply to fines resulting from things like accuracy penalties, event-based requirements, and reporting that depends on other filings.

It’s also important to note that the FTPA only applies to a single tax filing year or period. If more years apply, the earliest of the years is the only one that will be considered for relief. All remaining years that have incurred penalties and fees must then be addressed with other relief methods, such as using criteria to meet reasonable cause guidelines.

Alleviate Tax can help you navigate the penalty abatement qualification process, helping alleviate your tax debt, potentially saving you tens of thousands in penalties, interest, and fees tacked on by the IRS. We handle the complicated IRS rules and tax relief calculations for you, ensuring you get the best possible results with the least amount of hassle.

15 minutes is all it takes to breathe easy knowing your tax penalty burden is in the hands of tax abatement experts.

Simply contact us using the form below, and one of our tax penalty abatement specialists will provide you a free consultation to determine if you qualify for a drastic reduction in tax penalties, fees, and interest charges.


What does abatement mean?

Abatement, when referring to tax penalties imposed by the IRS, is when the fees, penalties, and interest accrued as a result of certain tax offenses are wiped clean by the IRS. Typically, this is granted through the IRS’s First Time Abatement Waiver program, which is generally for giving first-time offenders a second chance and incentive to stay on track in the future.

Can the IRS forgive penalties?

If you haven’t received any penalties in the past three years, are current on your filings, and you’re current on any installment payment plans with the IRS, you may qualify for a First Time Penalty Abatement (FTPA) Waiver, which can potentially save you thousands in fees. Essentially, this is a penalty forgiveness program the IRS created to reward compliance.

In certain cases, you might even be able to receive a refund for penalties you paid in the past, so don’t count that out as another relief possibility.

What is an IRS abatement?

An IRS abatement refers to the First Time Penalty Abatement Waiver, which is an administrative waiver the IRS grants to relieve taxpayers from penalties and interest resulting from certain first-time tax offenses. This can potentially save taxpayers thousands of dollars in penalties and fees.
To be eligible for an FTPA Waiver, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Tax filings must be current or have an extension filed, and no outstanding return requests from the IRS.
  2. All due taxes must be arranged to be paid or installment payments must be current for paying any taxes due.
  3. Can’t have any tax penalties for the three years prior to the waiver application (except for certain estimated tax penalties).

Alleviate Tax navigates the penalty abatement qualification process for you, working all possible angles to alleviate your tax debt and save you thousands of dollars in penalties and fees imposed by the IRS.


Our 2 phase process is proven to get you the best tax relief possible. Here are just a few of our results:

  • Tax Debt Reduced: $365,000 owed in taxes down to only $10,000.
  • Wage Garnishment Lifted: Over a $14,000 wage garnishment lifted in 2 hours.
  •  Bank Levy Lifted: $8,500 Bank Levy Lifted.